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NutriMost, a health and fitness company, required an application to compile client’s health, conditions, and activity to create a specific health and wellness program for individual persons. This application was required to follow all HIPAA laws of privacy.

The goal of the app was to take all this data and create a specified diet and supplement program. The development process aimed to create an easy to use application that runs through algorithms to determine the best supplements and foods that address a person’s severity of issues while helping them to gain health and wellness. NutriMost Intelligence exists as a smart AI that changes its recommendations as a person’s wellness and severity of issues changes.

Our goal was to develop an AI that on the front end was easy to use. The Intelligence App allows a person to list their issues and determine levels of wellness on a sliding scale while running complicated algorithms in the back end that compile the massive amount of data to create a unique, client-specific report based on the data provided. A personalized protocol is designed for each client in an easy to understand fashion, listing all of the foods that are ideal to eat and ones that should be avoided depending on health, wellness, medications, and the severity of a person’s issues, and can even incorporate DNA testing if available.

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Nutrimost Intelligence Application Design


  • MVC
  • Entity Framework
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • SWIFT 4

The NutriMost Intelligence app development took into consideration the exponential number of variables involved in a person’s health without making it overly complicated for the end-user to understand and interact.

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