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Sienna on the Square is a centerpiece of authentic Italian dining in Pittsburgh’s Downtown region and deserved a website as well crafted as their food.
Sienna on the Square came to Drift2 with the need of an entire site redesign. Their website did not reflect the style and ambiance the restaurant has, and it lacked powerful brand recognition. Drift2 tackled this problem by building a customized website in WordPress that would give Sienna the brand recognition and online presence it needed. During the process and post-release Drift2 kept in touch to ensure the website was to the exact specifications and was willing to make changes on the site even late in the creation process.

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Sienna Website Design


Drift2 created a fully functional, custom website for Sienna on the Square that reflected the brand and needs of the restaurant. The website is optimized to show the delicious food created at Sienna and the ability to make a reservation right on the site. With a beautiful interface and the ability to fill seats on the site, our redesign can help create more sales and customers for Sienna on the Square.

Sienna on the Square mockup


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JS
  • BigCommerce
  • Custom Stencil Theme
  • Handlebars.js
  • Node.js


We completed Sienna’s website with a procedure that had the customer’s needs in mind. We began with a mockup of the page design in Photoshop and presented those models to the client. Once the designs were approved we integrated those designs into WordPress and added content. Once we finished the material, the website went live, and the client was trained to be able to update their website when needed.

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