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Owning a business is not an easy task, and keeping up with several methods of communication with your customers, such as a website and social media platforms, makes it even harder. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up, and impossible to even know what questions you should be asking yourself while trying to keep up. Here are a few questions to ask yourself on a regular basis regarding your company’s website:

What is my message and is it clear?

What you’re trying to say and what you actually say can end up being two totally different things at times. It’s a good idea to look over your site on a regular basis and be sure that your messaging is consistent and aligns with your brand. Your website is often a person’s first interaction with your business, so you want that to count.


Is it easy to navigate?

There’s a pretty good chance you know your website inside and out, which is a good thing! However, it can be hard to imagine going to your site as a first time visitor and navigating the site with fresh eyes. Occasionally you should have somebody outside of your organization look through your site and see how they navigate around it. Perhaps give them a couple of items to find in the site (such as details on a specific service you offer) and see how long it takes them to get to the right page. If it takes a long time, it might be time to consider adjusting your website.


Why are people visiting my website?

Note: the answer to this one changes often, so you should always revisit this question! One of the key ideas of marketing is to find out what people want and do whatever you can to give it to them. If you find out that people are coming to your website to look for information about one of your core services, then make a section for that service on your home page. If you see they’re always looking for contact information, add a contact button that floats on the side of the page for easy access. While you should always spend time and energy on what you feel is important to your business, it is also important to remember that your customers are the ones who are giving you money. Within reason, you should focus on delivering value to your customers.


Need help finding the answers to these questions? Looking for someone to look over your website and make some changes? Drift2 Solutions is a Pittsburgh-based company that specializes in website design and development. We would be happy to take a look at your current website or provide a quote for your new website!

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