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MatchMakers Dating App UI/UX Design

UI/UX design by Drift2 Graphic Design Solutions


MatchMakers LLC is a dating application that required User Interface and User Experience design. We worked with an app development team to create a fluid and meaningful user interface for the application.


We began our UI/UX design work for MatchMakers by creating a framework for each screen, and a sitemap structure for fluid navigation. After the framework and structure were approved, we created mockups of the design. These mockups were sent to the app development team for implementation.


Through the use of best UI/UX practices, Drift2 Solutions created and easily navigatable app with beautifully branded design for Match Makers. Our graphic design team created mock-ups of every screen for the development team to create, and worked closely with the team to ensure an easy to use interface for users.

UI/UX design by Drift2 Graphic Design Solutions
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