Your corporate identity design is the physical sensation of your brand image. Drift2 uses your physical space, your décor, logo, slogan, and uniforms to craft a corporate identity design for the public realm. Corporate identity design is an essential aspect of how your brand image works because it is a physical piece of how others view your business. Your corporate identity design must represent how you would like your overall brand image to work, so customers find you a trustworthy source.

Drift2 tackles your corporate identity design by building your logo, brand assets, and a brand style guide for your business. A logo is your mascot, the piece of your brand image that the public will see first and can relate back to your business. Your brand assets include your logo, letterheads, business cards, and brochures. The brand style guide is a list of guidelines for using your brand assets. Drift2 can craft these aspects to your company and create a fluid corporate identity design that will grow your business.

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Good logo design escalates your brand and solidifies the expertise of your business. Your logo builds trust in your potential clients because it displays the professionalism of your company. Drift2 specializes in unique logo design that incorporates your company mission and values to create a mascot your clients can trust. Drift2 begins the logo design process by working closely with businesses to understand their identity, and matching the logo to their identity. We research your businesses market to create colors and styles unique to your market. Our corporate identity design team makes logos to attract the most attention in your market. Drift2’s logo design process always guarantees a unique, custom logo design that works for your corporate identity.

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Your assets create the face of your corporate identity design. Your brand assets include your logo but extend to your letterheads, business cards, and brochures. They are the images and styles that represent how prospective customers visually interact with your brand. The typography, colors, graphics, and patterns of your brand assets inform the appeal of your brand.  Drift2 has corporate identity design experts who excel in creating beautiful brand assets for your company. We build your brand assets with contemporary styles and colors that attract attention and represent the corporate identity you want to portray to customers.

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On average, five to seven brand impressions are necessary before a potential customer recognizes or remembers your brand. Your eye-catching logo design deserves to be on any number of materials. Drift2 can apply your logo products including apparel, items with utility, and novelty items. Drift2 creates corporate identity designs that can be placed on branded products and improve brand impressions.

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Your brand style guide is the framework for your corporate identity design. Developers, designers, writers, and any employee within your business must treat the brand style guide as the standard for your business. Brand books streamline the standard of your brand and corporate identity design to define the way in which your company uses logos, typefaces, and web styles.

Small businesses can benefit significantly from having brand style guides. The importance of their brand growing impacts their business to a higher degree, so it is essential to set company brand standards from the beginning to guarantee their brand is consistent. Drift2 can craft your brand style guide to ensure your brand will attract customers and remain constant to grow loyalty and trust from customers.


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