Logo Design

Drift2 Crafts Unique Logo Designs for Businesses 

Expert logo design comes with Drift2’s stance on crafting an expert corporate identity for our customers. Your logo is often your consumer’s first glimpse into your corporate identity, so intentional, strong logo design is a must. Your logo will explain the tone of your company and gives your customers an idea of the sort of identity your company has. The logo designers at Drift2 tackle your logo design by understanding how you would like to represent your brand and then focusing on these aspects:

  • Logo Color 
  • Logo Typeface
  • Logo Symbol 

Your logo colors, logo typefaces, and logo symbols come together to create your logo design. Drift2 creates logo designs that utilize all three aspects to accurately represent your brand.

Logo Color

Logo color is arguably the most important aspect of logo design. Colors decide the mood a consumer takes when they see your logo design, so Drift2 creates logos with colors explicitly chosen to craft your corporate identity as a whole. Drift2 can create your logos in varying colors before deciding which properly identifies with your corporate identity.

Logo design style options DJ Scar
Logo design color options for a DJ created by Drift2

Logo Typefaces

Logo typefaces for logo design are another aspect of creating the tone of your corporate identity. Certain fonts elicit certain feelings, and font trends can change. Drift2 uses fonts that display the emotion your company wants to output when designing your logo typeface. Drift2 determines whether your logo should be Serif, Sans-Serif, or Script by identifying your market and personal style.

D2 Solutions Logo Style Options for logo design
Drift2 uses the same typeface for their logo design every time.

Logo Symbol

Logo symbols in logo design are where Drift2 gets creative. Your logo symbol represents your company and can be anything that adequately does so. We craft logo symbols based on how to properly get consumer attention in your field.

To see a collection of our logo designs created for clients check out our custom logo design portfolio! Contact us today to discuss your logo options.


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