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Hiring an experienced BigCommerce developer for your BigCommerce development project is crucial. Drift2 has managed several BigCommerce development projects. We have worked extensively with the BigCommerce platform, including being one of the first companies to build a custom template with BigCommerce’s Stencil theme. BigCommerce Stencil is a robust, innovative approach to creating dynamic websites on the BigCommerce platform. With the Stencil theme, your products are more secure than ever, and your products can only be edited or changed at your discretion.

Features of BigCommerce Development

  • Mobile Friendly – The BigCommerce shopping cart platform offers dynamic templates that are responsive to mobile devices. With the growing shift to buying directly from your mobile device, it is essential to have a responsive eCommerce store. Drift2 BigCommerce developers create mobile-friendly eCommerce stores for you.
  • Accepts All Major Payment Gateways – BigCommerce supports all major payment gateways like Paypal, Google Checkout, and No matter the payment service, the BigCommerce platform will work for you.
  • 24/7 Support – BigCommerce has technical support available every day of the year, no matter the time. BigCommerce handles every issue efficiently and quickly.
  • Gift Certificates – BigCommerce allows you to generate gift certificates for your online store immediately through a streamlined process. You can distribute these gift certificates at your leisure. BigCommerce can help you create customer loyalty with this feature.
  • SEO supported features – BigCommerce web development has the most features for your eCommerce store including a slew of marketing tools. These tools will help your store become SEO optimized to guarantee you rank well in search engines. BigCommerce’s tools can help generate more leads to your eCommerce store.


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