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5 Places Your Brand’s Logo Would Look Great

Your brand’s logo is what represents you in the eyes of your consumers. Every time someone sees the Nike Swoosh they know the product is reliable and an official product of Nike. A logo with strong brand recognition like Nike does not even have to have the company name attached. The attention to a brand’s logo is to represent your business and your brand identity in a way that allows others to trust your business.

The best way to increase your brand recognition is first to have a logo that represents your business correctly. Once you have a good logo, you must make your logo seen. You may have the most well-designed logo for your company, but if people don’t see it, your brand will not get the recognition it deserves. Here are five places your brand’s logo can increase your brand recognition.

  1. Branded Apparel 

Branded apparel is a great place to put your brand's logo.

Your logo would look great on a t-shirt or hat. Branded apparel is excellent for brand recognition because it exists in a space that has the attention of people. When people communicate, their eyes are attracted to the attire the other person is wearing, so your logo gets the attention of anyone who interacts with the person wearing your branded apparel.

2. Business Cards

Business Cards are the best place to show your brand's logo

This one may sound obvious, but your brand’s logo must be on your business card. When you hand out a card to represent your business, your logo should be one of the first things a person sees. This helps build your brand recognition through your logo and lets people connect the logo to your business.

3. Social Media / Website

Social media sites are great places to show your brand's logo

Ensure to plaster your logo on your social profiles and website. Keep your logo in the header or navigation bar of your site so that potential customers see it no matter which page they land on. This goes for your social media profiles too. Your logo should be the profile picture of your business, or in the cover photo at the top. You want your logo noticed first when someone views your profiles, so they begin to connect the logo with your brand.

4. Stationery 

Stationery is a great place to put your brand's logo

When you send a letter, your logo should be attached to it with letterheads, or branded envelopes. The inclusion of your logo to your stationery adds to the trust from a consumer. It also reminds the consumer of your logo every time they get a piece of mail from you. This applies to e-mail as well! Ensure your brand’s logo design is attached to any e-mails you may send.

5. Office Decor 

Office Decor is a great place to show your brand's logo.

If customers frequent your business or your building is the place of your business meetings, your brand’s logo on office décor is a great idea. Deck your business place out with your logo design to remind consumers that come in of your logo and to correlate the business with your brand identity.


There are a million places to put your brand’s logo. Place your logo where the attention of your customers is and remind them of your logo to increase your brand recognition.

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