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Hosting Consulting

Drift2 has 10 years of experience in the hosting industry; until recently we operated a shared hosting business, with services such as colocation, VPS, dedicated servers and of course shared hosting.  We owned all our equipment and worked with many datacenters along the way.  With our knowledge of the hosting industry we are a perfect consultant for all your hosting needs.

How we do it:

As a hosting consulting team we will find the perfect solution for your hosting needs.  We will find the best solutions, the best hosting provider, and even the best datacenters for your needs.  We will even go as far as helping you find the best bang for your buck.  We would say we would find you the lowest prices; however, the cheapest route is not always the best route.  There is a saying: you get what you pay for, and in the hosting industry that is absolutely correct.


Web Hosting

We honestly believe you get what pay for, and we are here to help to find the best quality web hosting services.  Our ideal hosting solution won’t break the bank and won’t be so cheap it leaves you high and dry.  Cheap hosting will leave you with a slow site, and none of the great features that we recommend.  Read More



As a company that was once in the co-location business we have created a lot of partnerships along the way.  This being said we are in great position to find the best co-location provider for your co-location needs.  Current partner locations include,  Pittsburgh Colocation, New York Colocation, Chicago Colocation, Houston Co-location and LA Co-location facilities.    Read More


Pittsburgh Data Center

Around the Pittsburgh area we have toured and talked with almost every datacenter in the area.  We have gained rapport and have gained great negotiation power among the Pittsburgh datacenter scene.   That being said we have the ability to offer you datacenter space in our own datacenter space or with another data center in the Pittsburgh area. Read More

Current Partners:

ColoIP –  We did a lot of research trying to find the perfect partner to take over our current hosting customer base, and ColoIP was exactly what we were looking for.    We trust them with our clients and we trust them enough to send customers their way.   www.coloip.com