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Beehive NeedleArts is a Pittsburgh local needlepoint shop that was in desperate need of an eCommerce platform to put all their products on. Drift2 took charge to create an eCommerce store on Shopify that would integrate with their POS in store.

imac background
Beehive NeedleArts Website Design


Drift2 created custom template files and tags on Shopify to create subcategories for Beehive NeedleArts many products. The results of our work will ensure that Beehive has a dominant eCommerce store that is easy to navigate and streamlined for conversion.

Beehive Needlearts Mockup


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JS
  • BigCommerce
  • Custom Stencil Theme
  • Handlebars.js
  • Node.js


To complete this project Drift2 used Shopify to create an eCommerce store. Since Shopify does not offer the ability to create subcategories for products, Drift2 created custom templates for the project. Drift2 then began to add products to the eCommerce store for the client.

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