SEO TIP #1: The Title Tag

SEO TIP #1: The Title Tag

The title tag and various other meta tags are usually found toward the top of a web site’s source code. The standard meta tags are classified as Title, Description, and Keyword. While the title tag is not actually a meta tag, it is commonly associated with them. The title tag is a major factor in how search engines index your website and is the most important of the three.


The page title is the first thing a search engine will analyze when determining what a specific page is about. The page title is also the first thing potential visitors will see when viewing search engine results.


While it is important to include your identified keyword or keywords in the title tag, it is easy to go overboard and do what is commonly referred to as “keyword stuffing” which most search engines will categorize as spam. The title tag also typically includes either the company name or title of the particular page as well.


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