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Drift2 Brand Style Guides for Consistent Branding

Brand Style Guide Example from Pittsburgh Furniture Drift2 Creative Design Solutions

Your brand style guide is a list of specific and explicit ways to develop your company’s brand. A brand style guide does not only worry about what your logo, colors, and fonts look like, but how they interact and so much more. This is what your brand style guide tackles:

  • Logo Guide – Guide for size, colorization, and proper placement of your logo.
  • Color Scheme – Specific primary and secondary colors and combinations.
  • Font Guide – What typestyles to use, and when they are appropriate.
  • Company Template Design – Positioning of logo, address information on letterhead, business cards, and press releases.
  • Web Guidelines – How your logo, colors, and fonts should interact and look on webpages

It is important for your logos, colors, fonts, and guidelines to match what you represent. Drift2 works with your mission statement, core purpose, and values to create these styles for your brand. We ensure fluidity between your corporate guidelines and your brand styles with by creating a brand style guide that matches what these statements and goals are.

Logo Guide

The logo guide section of a brand style guide is a guide for the proper usage of size, color, and placement of your logo. Adequate logo usage is vital because the logo is the face of your brand. When a consumer sees your logo, they must be able to relate it immediately to your products and identity. Therefore, it is essential to know where, when and how to use your logo.

Drift2 creates a brand style guide that explicitly states when and how to use your logos in any media.

Drift2 Solutions Logo Style Example
Drift2's logo styles from our brand style guide

Color Scheme

The color scheme portion of the brand style guide designates the primary and secondary colors of your brand, as well as potential combinations. A color scheme is necessary for your brand because it is essential to understand what colors represent your brand the best and how they interact with other colors. As an example, if you use greys for logo colors, it is not likely you would like to place it on a white background because it would be hard to see.

Drift2 crafts your brand style guide to ensure your brand colors stand out and work well together.

Font Guide

The font guide section of the brand style guide exhibits the fonts used for your brand and when to use them. Typestyles are necessary to keep consistent amongst your print and web because specific fonts provide different tones. If you are a company with serious intent, it is imperative to ensure you do not use a font like Comic Sans for your media, because it gives off a less than professional tone.

Drift2 works with your corporate style to create typestyles for your brand style guide that represent the tone you would like to portray to consumers.

Company Template Design

A company template design in your brand style guide represents how to present your company and logo on business cards, press releases, and letterheads. Drfit2 creates a template for your company to use to keep consistency amongst your representation. Every employee can use these templates to represent you adequately.

Web Guidelines

Your web guidelines in your brand style guide exhibit how to use your logos, typefaces, and color schemes online. These standards include your website and social media. How a brand represents itself through online sources can vary from other forms because of different restrictions a site can have with how and where your logos and colors can be displayed. It is essential to keep the same standards online as you do everywhere else.

Brand Style Guides for Big and Small Businesses

NutriMost Brand Style Guide Example
A page from a brand style guide we crafted for a franchise.

Brand style guides benefit businesses big and small. We develop a guide scalable to your business. One that maintains consistency through growth, whether you stay at one location, open another, or franchise across the nation. Drift2 creates brand style guides that keep your brand consistent and trustworthy.

If you have any questions about your brand style guide or would like to get started on crafting one, contact Drift2 Solutions today or read our blog about brand style guides!


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